Taryn has been grooming Napa Valley dogs since June 2010. Starting with a one amazing Wag n Tail's Elite facility, she has grown her business to three vans and four groomers. She is a certified Finished Groomer specialized in providing grooming services as well as hygiene treatments for the family dog. As a deaf woman, Taryn has a special sense of understanding the language without words that takes place between all of us and our pets. She also has a tremendous love for all animals and strive to make every dog comfortable and happy throughout the entire grooming process.

Serena has been working as a pet stylist for 4 yrs now. she is very passionate about her work and nothing feels better than making a dog look and feel their best. Someday Serena's goal is to make dying your dog fun and beautiful colors a normal thing here in Napa. She enjoys the glitz and glam of grooming and is always trying new things. Whether you like the bows and sparkle or you just enjoy a happy clean pet Serena is your girl. She loves creating new relationships with clients and their fur kids as well as building on the relationships she has been fortunate to make. Serena would love nothing more than to create something beautiful with you.

Serena Beenblossom
Taryn Ramirez
Qualified and Caring Dog Groomers 
Napa, CA
Levi Ramirez
Levi made a life move from Rochester New York to be with Taryn.  They are now married! He began working in the business in 2013 and has become one of the valuable members of the Traveling Pet Spa grooming team. He has completed his Brusher/ Bather/Hygeine/ Safety certificate and is working on his finished grooming skills, but with his love for animals and his innate artistic ability Levi has been growing his personal clientele.  He is also an amazing photographer and loves to photograph his clients pets!